Stylish Tees

At Evoke Dreams, we specialize in creating unique, high-quality tee shirts designed to transport your customers back to their unforgettable vacation experiences. Our exceptional wholesale apparel selection ensures that your retail business stands out in the bustling souvenir industry.

Where Memories are Worn

Our passionate team of designers at Evoke Dreams works tirelessly to capture the essence of vacation memories in each of our tee shirt designs. We understand the power of nostalgia and are dedicated to providing your customers with wearable tokens of their dreamlike getaways.



Captivating Creations:

Evoke Dreams offers a diverse range of visually stunning tee shirt designs tailored to your retail business and location.


Crafted with Care

Evoke Dreams takes pride in producing long-lasting, comfortable tee shirts that stand the test of time.

Customer Service

Your Success, Our Priority

At Evoke Dreams, we build lasting relationships with our retailers, offering unparalleled support to help your business thrive.”

Why we are different

Evoke Dreams, your trusted partner in the souvenir industry, is dedicated to providing industry-leading designs, competitive pricing, and swift turnaround times for retailers in vacation hotspots. Our captivating tee shirt designs set us apart, while our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures smooth and efficient transactions. By focusing on exceptional customer service and timely delivery, we guarantee that your shelves are consistently stocked with our unforgettable souvenir apparel. Collaborate with Evoke Dreams and experience the difference our expertise and dedication bring to your retail business.

Your One-Stop Shop for Unforgettable Souvenir Apparel

Evoke Dreams, a proud brand under the established Sticker Pack umbrella, is committed to fostering long-lasting partnerships with retailers in vacation hotspots. Leveraging Sticker Pack’s extensive and satisfied customer base, we aim to offer the same unparalleled customer service, seamless ordering processes, and timely delivery our parent company is known for. Together, we ensure your shelves are always stocked with our memorable souvenir tee shirts, enhancing your retail space and captivating the hearts of vacationers.




Cups Of Coffee

From Our Clients

Discover the Evoke Dreams Difference: Hear What Our Retail Partners Have to Say

“Evoke Dreams has completely transformed our retail space. Their unique and eye-catching designs consistently draw in customers, and their high-quality tee shirts keep them coming back for more. Their outstanding customer service and timely deliveries make working with them an absolute pleasure.”
Jane S

Store Owner, Miami Beach

“We’ve seen a remarkable increase in customer engagement since introducing Evoke Dreams tee shirts to our product lineup. Their stunning designs truly capture the essence of vacation memories, and the attention to detail in their manufacturing process ensures lasting comfort and durability.”
Susan D

Manager, Grand Canyon

“Partnering with Evoke Dreams has been a game-changer for our souvenir shop. The quality of their tee shirts and the creativity of their designs have significantly boosted our sales. Their dedicated customer support and seamless ordering process make our partnership a breeze.”
Eduard C

Retail Manager, Lake Tahoe

“Evoke Dreams consistently delivers exceptional products and service. Their captivating tee shirt designs resonate with our customers, and their commitment to quality manufacturing guarantees satisfaction. Their customer service team is always available to help with any questions or concerns, making our partnership a seamless and enjoyable experience.”
Amanda R

Buyer, Great Smoky Mountains

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